Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Freshman year romance was unmatched. I dated maybe five guys during that time and made so many cute memories with boys I cared not a great deal for. My favorite memories from that time are with a boy who had a girlfriend but couldn't quite seem to keep to her. But what did I care … Continue reading Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Your parents let you travel alone?

I'm a good liar. Great even. I can create scenarios even I start to believe. I'm that good. But, I am also a very honest person. I share a lot about my life because I would hate to have been misunderstood should I die without warning. I would hate for my obituary to talk about … Continue reading Your parents let you travel alone?

When your face is your crowning glory

If you are anything like me, you probably revere your face more than you do any other part of your body. Thing is, I often conflate my self-confidence with the state of my face; aka do I have scars? acne? disease? If yes, my self-confidence is below ground-level. I get the whole notion of loving … Continue reading When your face is your crowning glory

Five Moments

If you had to pick five crucial moments that completely changed the person you are today, which would you pick? The day you were born? A near death experience? Your first kiss? The day you lost someone dear to you? Yesterday, I introduced my concentration (individualized major) to a group of professors by highlighting the … Continue reading Five Moments

Living la Vida Loca

It was about 1am in Paracas and I was having beers and sharing laughs with fellow travellers. A couple of them were Australian, one was from Panama and the last was Peruvian. The Peruvian told us about a drug people (mostly of Caucasian descent) travelled to Peru for. It was supposed to be some kind … Continue reading Living la Vida Loca

Si te vas, yo tambien me voy…

It has taken me way too long to put this blog post together mainly because it is about Peru and Peru has my heart. I was newly nineteen and almost done with my first year in college when I panicked. Literally, panicked. I did not want to go back home to my suburbs only to … Continue reading Si te vas, yo tambien me voy…

Fernweh, but with a passport

'Maame without borders' is supposedly a representation of my 'coming of age' story; me expressing myself without any boundaries or prescribed notions of who I must be in certain spaces. A piece of my story is my struggle to control my fernweh. Fernweh is technically the German word for wanderlust, but, think about it as being … Continue reading Fernweh, but with a passport