Can We Pretend that Airplanes…

The first time I ever noticed airplanes or even thought about being somewhere outside of my home in Accra was when I watched my mother leave. Since then, airplanes have had a strange significance for me: growth. Not growth I intended to have at six years old, but, growth nonetheless. I write about that experience … Continue reading Can We Pretend that Airplanes…

Five Moments

If you had to pick five crucial moments that completely changed the person you are today, which would you pick? The day you were born? A near death experience? Your first kiss? The day you lost someone dear to you? Yesterday, I introduced my concentration (individualized major) to a group of professors by highlighting the … Continue reading Five Moments

Living la Vida Loca

It was about 1am in Paracas and I was having beers and sharing laughs with fellow travellers. A couple of them were Australian, one was from Panama and the last was Peruvian. The Peruvian told us about a drug people (mostly of Caucasian descent) travelled to Peru for. It was supposed to be some kind … Continue reading Living la Vida Loca

To love and be loved, that is all.

I swear I'm a cynic. But I'm also a romantic. I love 'love' and everything about it but I'm always ready for the shoe to drop (is that the correct expression?). The greatest love story I've ever known was that of my aunt and uncle. My uncle spent two (or three years) polishing shoes around … Continue reading To love and be loved, that is all.