Lost in Translation

This article is for the women and the gays who are unfortunately attracted to cis men; we need to do better. Mexico City (CDMX: Ciudad de Mexico) is wild: The city is huge and one wrong train ride will cost you an extra 30 minutes. The tacos are addictive until you get food poisoning and … Continue reading Lost in Translation

It’s Time To Come Home

University was challenging emotionally, physically and academically. When I finally graduated in May, I convinced myself that the only way I could take back all the strength I had lost during my four years was to empty my bank account while backpacking Asia. I was ready to buy a one-way ticket to Singapore and end … Continue reading It’s Time To Come Home

Can We Pretend that Airplanes…

The first time I ever noticed airplanes or even thought about being somewhere outside of my home in Accra was when I watched my mother leave. Since then, airplanes have had a strange significance for me: growth. Not growth I intended to have at six years old, but, growth nonetheless. I write about that experience … Continue reading Can We Pretend that Airplanes…

Housewifing in Spain

When I was younger, much younger, I backpacked around Spain without a phone. That was an exciting time in my life but I decided to let that energy stay in my teenage years and not beyond. I am barely twenty-three and I find that I am extremely tired. Constantly trying to be the best at … Continue reading Housewifing in Spain

The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland

I finally graduated from university and although my bank account balance is low, I feel ready to see more, do more, and, be more. Like many fresh graduates, I have been thinking a lot about where I'm going in life and how to get there. I'd like to think a lot of my age mates … Continue reading The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland