It’s Time To Come Home

University was challenging emotionally, physically and academically. When I finally graduated in May, I convinced myself that the only way I could take back all the strength I had lost during my four years was to empty my bank account while backpacking Asia. I was ready to buy a one-way ticket to Singapore and end … Continue reading It’s Time To Come Home

Housewifing in Spain

When I was younger, much younger, I backpacked around Spain without a phone. That was an exciting time in my life but I decided to let that energy stay in my teenage years and not beyond. I am barely twenty-three and I find that I am extremely tired. Constantly trying to be the best at … Continue reading Housewifing in Spain

The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland

I finally graduated from university and although my bank account balance is low, I feel ready to see more, do more, and, be more. Like many fresh graduates, I have been thinking a lot about where I'm going in life and how to get there. I'd like to think a lot of my age mates … Continue reading The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland

You are so far away

I used to pride myself in always picking a new country to visit instead of being comfortable revisiting the same one over and over. And then, I fell in love; none of these new adventures mattered anymore; I had found the one adventure I wanted to pursue and no distance could stop me. Until I … Continue reading You are so far away

Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Freshman year romance was unmatched. I dated maybe five guys during that time and made so many cute memories with boys I cared not a great deal for. My favorite memories from that time are with a boy who had a girlfriend but couldn't quite seem to keep to her. But what did I care … Continue reading Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Your parents let you travel alone?

I'm a good liar. Great even. I can create scenarios even I start to believe. I'm that good. But, I am also a very honest person. I share a lot about my life because I would hate to have been misunderstood should I die without warning. I would hate for my obituary to talk about … Continue reading Your parents let you travel alone?

Lonely, but make it foreign

How did you spend your holidays? Did you get to go home, wherever and whoever that is, to find comfort? Did you get to unwind and reflect on the absurdity that was 2018? Or did you get lost in a new country surrounded by new people? Do you have any resolutions for this year? Or … Continue reading Lonely, but make it foreign