Why you wanna fly, Blackbird?

Nina Simone's voice taught me to feel pain. I know it sounds far-fetched because human beings learn pain from birth-- maybe that's why we cry as soon as we leave the warmth of the womb and feel the harsh breeze of the world outside comfort and safety. But, the day I fell in love with … Continue reading Why you wanna fly, Blackbird?

Mare Nostrum

You ever heard that joke of the Nigerian father who paid for his kid's swimming lessons? Anyway, it goes: the father saw the child drowning during their first swimming class and yelled; "Ayomide! Rise! Don't waste my money!"   That joke used to crack me up probably more than it should. Last week, during my … Continue reading Mare Nostrum

To love and be loved, that is all.

I swear I'm a cynic. But I'm also a romantic. I love 'love' and everything about it but I'm always ready for the shoe to drop (is that the correct expression?). The greatest love story I've ever known was that of my aunt and uncle. My uncle spent two (or three years) polishing shoes around … Continue reading To love and be loved, that is all.