Picture This…

I get asked a lot why I don't use social media (properly) to promote my blog: why I don't (to the best of my ability) post picturesque photos of myself in the most beautiful parts of the world. I get asked why I don't post photos of myself wearing long flowy dresses in saturated photos … Continue reading Picture This…

Lost in Translation

This article is for the women and the gays who are unfortunately attracted to cis men; we need to do better. Mexico City (CDMX: Ciudad de Mexico) is wild: The city is huge and one wrong train ride will cost you an extra 30 minutes. The tacos are addictive until you get food poisoning and … Continue reading Lost in Translation

The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland

I finally graduated from university and although my bank account balance is low, I feel ready to see more, do more, and, be more. Like many fresh graduates, I have been thinking a lot about where I'm going in life and how to get there. I'd like to think a lot of my age mates … Continue reading The Diary of the Tuk Tuk lover: Poland

You are so far away

I used to pride myself in always picking a new country to visit instead of being comfortable revisiting the same one over and over. And then, I fell in love; none of these new adventures mattered anymore; I had found the one adventure I wanted to pursue and no distance could stop me. Until I … Continue reading You are so far away

Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Freshman year romance was unmatched. I dated maybe five guys during that time and made so many cute memories with boys I cared not a great deal for. My favorite memories from that time are with a boy who had a girlfriend but couldn't quite seem to keep to her. But what did I care … Continue reading Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Your parents let you travel alone?

I'm a good liar. Great even. I can create scenarios even I start to believe. I'm that good. But, I am also a very honest person. I share a lot about my life because I would hate to have been misunderstood should I die without warning. I would hate for my obituary to talk about … Continue reading Your parents let you travel alone?