About me


My name is Maame Serwaa. Maame Afia Serwaa Boatemaa (Tandoh). Sometimes I take my father’s name but most times I have no traditionally male name attached to my being.

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. I taught myself to speak two dialects of Twi (and then took classes) but some rascals will insult my accent whenever they can.

I travel a lot and pick up languages and accents easily. I don’t write as much as I should. I read a lot. I find it easy to gel with strangers and I fall in love a lot.

‘Maame without Borders’ is a digital travel journal that chronicles the ups, downs, and in-betweens of (solo) travelling around the world. It goes beyond giving advice on what to eat and drink in new countries but instead paints the image of a new world of experiences I find to be the most important part of travelling.

I am here for anyone who needs help planning a budget trip or just needs someone to push them to get up and go.

Here is a random talk I gave my freshman year at university so you know what I sound like; TEDXNYU.

I hope you stay.

mille baisers,