You are so far away

I used to pride myself in always picking a new country to visit instead of being comfortable revisiting the same one over and over.

And then, I fell in love; none of these new adventures mattered anymore; I had found the one adventure I wanted to pursue and no distance could stop me.

Until I didn’t have this new adventure anymore and then I realized I still hadn’t visited Colombia, my dream country.

For this Valentine’s episode, I recorded a montage/ interview with one of my closest friends, Hilda. Crazy enough, we both got in a long-distance relationship almost at the same time and so leaned on each other whenever we needed to.

This 17-minute video encapsulates our thoughts on the demands of a long-distance relationship and our journey toward reconciling our incessant need to be near our significant other with our love for travel.

Is it even possible to love someone so far away and choose to visit other places instead of running home into their arms? Can we travel anywhere we want while still feeding our human desire to be loved sufficiently and without condition?


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