Baecation, but without a passport: Part 1

Freshman year romance was unmatched. I dated maybe five guys during that time and made so many cute memories with boys I cared not a great deal for.

My favorite memories from that time are with a boy who had a girlfriend but couldn’t quite seem to keep to her. But what did I care at the time? I was only in it for a good time. Years later, some other girl decided to have a good time with a boy I was in love with—karma? Oh well.

Anyway, this boy, let’s call him Gerry, showed me just how romantic a boy living in New York can be. The first real-time we interacted, he asked me if I wanted to see the sunset–in the dead of winter. I couldn’t stop smiling that day.

We swiped our metro cards and headed to Astoria Park in Queens. We sat on a bench facing nowhere special and huddled next to each other in the cold. For the next hour and a half, we talked endlessly about our lives and how much we loved the people in them. He told me how much he loved his girlfriend while holding me close and we laughed at the one-child policy in China. We did not get to see the sunset that evening.

When it got too dark and cold to be out in the park, we walked into a dessert shop nearby and ordered crepes. I took a picture of him while he ate and smiled until my cheeks hurt. I loved romance and our not-just-friends-friendship was just what I needed at the time.

That night, after he said goodbye to me in front of my dorm room in Washington Square Park, we spent eight minutes texting each other about how easy and sweet our date had been. Nine minutes later, he asked me to meet him at the staircase and then he kissed me.

A few months later, Gerry snuck into my dorm room at 1 am to wake me up for a date. My afro was flat on my head and I had a feeling I didn’t look as attractive as he was used to, but I didn’t care. The night was warm and welcoming. The sky embraced the city lights as its children and the spring of 2016 was perfect. 

That night he asked me to go with him to Iceland for spring break. I didn’t think he was serious and so I declined. (Years later I went to Iceland and it is still top 3 of my best trips. Imagine I went with a boy who had someone at home waiting? God forbid)

Gerry did go to Iceland for spring break. Except he went with his girlfriend. And when he got back to the city, we were over.

This long-winded story about my favorite freshman year fling is meant to be the first part of my three (I believe) part series on the best dates for Valentines Day specifically for people who cannot travel.

To start off the series, I ask that for this year’s Valentine’s day, you do shit outside of your comfort zone (I do not mean be unfaithful please). Go see the sunset. Go feed the ducks. Do anything but be boring and lack romance.

After all, of what use are our health and wealth if not to create endless memories to keep us sane when life goes left? Please stay tuned for my next blog post on faithful ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day (weekend).

mille baisers,



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