When your face is your crowning glory

If you are anything like me, you probably revere your face more than you do any other part of your body. Thing is, I often conflate my self-confidence with the state of my face; aka do I have scars? acne? disease? If yes, my self-confidence is below ground-level.

I get the whole notion of loving yourself blah blah blah but my form of self-love is elevating my physical being to the best of its ability. Period.

I truly believe that my youth is way too valuable to be spent wishing I looked any different and so I manipulate my body until I am satisfied. After all, when else will I be a sexy twenty-something?

Now, before I begin my lecture on skincare, I should be clear on my stance on the myth of travel acne: it exists. I have never left an airplane without a new pimple or dry skin even after using face mask sheets during a flight. I am working on fixing this since I intend to spend most of my life gallivanting around the globe.

The worst outbreak of my life came during my time in Senegal. I’m not clear what caused the outbreak but here are the working hypotheses I have:

  • Changing my birth control from the pill to an IUD. According to my doctor, my body probably got used to the hormones from the pill and completely rejected the IUD. Why the rejection will display its might on my face, I will never understand.
  • Heartbreak. I will not even explain this to the T but I imagine my emotional state translates itself to the health of skin at any given period.
  • One of the hotels I stayed at in Toubab Diallo, Senegal had a literal mouse climbing up one of the walls. I strongly believe that useless creature walked all over my face in the middle of the night since most of my outbreak was on one side of my face. Disgusting. I know.
  • Lastly, it was karma for all the times I was not kind. I generally tend to make mean jokes and so I think that came back to bite me in the ass. I should probably start going back to church or something to fix that.

Anyway, during this extremely difficult period in my life (it may sound dramatic but oh well) I developed a face routine that has worked for me up until now: De-stress.

Of course, there are so many products and face masks that work; turmeric, sunscreen, cocoa butter, African black soap, shea butter, all kinds of acid, etc. But, all those didn’t work for me until I started to breathe again.

I spent most of my time in Senegal worrying about my face and how much I hated wearing makeup in the heat. Ask me what I enjoyed most about Dakar and I would probably talk about my break out before talking about how much I enjoy Islamic culture, or the Senegalese way of eating meals with the family, or how I often thought about how many onions the entire country used daily, or how strong and sexual the men I met were, or the academic vibes the city of Dakar gave off.

My break out overshadows my entire experience in Senegal and this, my dear readers, is why skin care is so important to me. It is for the sole purpose of thoroughly enjoying travel experiences that I believe each traveller must be at peace with themselves physically and emotionally.

So, in conclusion, fix ya face and enjoy unhindered new experiences in the most beautiful parts of the world.

mille baisers,



One thought on “When your face is your crowning glory

  1. I completely understand! & you don’t have to sound like you’re not being conceited feeling this way. Skincare is very much linked to self- confidence for a lot of as and it’s impor whether people want to admit it or not. My first ever alone trip was not 💯 because I was super upset about my face. It has extra darkened and not the nice dark; my skin looked unhealthy from all the chlorine in the pool from work and training smh
    Always love reading what you have to share.


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